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Filler bite: Partnership Program

Gain rewards instantly by sharing & earning

We are launching soon! Make sure to signup below to lock in your earnings before everyone else!
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Signup with our one-tap registration feature
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Gain rewards instantly by sharing, earning, and cashing out.
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Gain rewards instantly by sharing, earning, and cashing out.

What exactly is the partnership program?

A partnership program, or affiliate program, as many call it, is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company, like Filler bite, rewards its partners for each customer or sale caused by the partner's own marketing efforts. Typically, affiliates earn a commission on sales or other actions generated by their marketing efforts. Partnership programs are often used by online retailers, but they can also be used by any type of company that wants to reward its partners for referring customers or sales.

Some things are different about the Filler bite Partnership program:
Everyone can register, you don’t have to meet any specific requirements
You start out with the ability to give 10% and earn 10%
Become a verified partner and you can earn more
Recurring earnings on each subscriptions
Cash out immediately, no waiting to meet a minimum threshold
Watch your sales grow in real time through our cutting-edge partner dashboard
Affiliate Form (landing page)

Partnership levels

The more you sell with the Filler bite Partnership program, the more you earn, and the higher the discount you can give to your followers or readers! Discover the levels below.
Sand bite
0-20 sales
10% off
10% commission
Ocher bite
Ocher bite
21-40 sales
10% off
12% commission
Sienna bite
Sienna bite
41-180 sales
12% off
15% commission
Cocoa bite
Cocoa bite
180+ sales
15% off
20% commission

Landing pages tailored to you

As soon as you sign up, we create a landing page tailored to you based on the data you provide us with. This increases the conversion rate when you share your link with your followers, and of course increases your income!

Full control

The Filler bite partnership dashboard enables you to fully control your earnings and other aspects of your partnership. With this dashboard, you can track your earned revenue, view your analytics, access marketing materials, and customize your affiliate links. You can also manage your referrals and access your payment history. This dashboard also provides you with helpful insights and tips on how to optimize your performance and maximize your earnings.
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