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To help you get started on your skin positivity journey, here are six tips for loving the skin you're in:
1. Start a skin positivity routine. 🧖‍♀️ Set aside some time each day to care for your skin and appreciate its unique qualities.
2. Celebrate your skin. 🎉 Appreciate the diversity in your skin's texture, and the way that it changes throughout your life.
3. Stay positive. 🤗 Remind yourself of the positive qualities of your skin, and don't focus on any flaws or perceived imperfections.
4. Stay hydrated. 👩‍🔬Stay hydrated and nourish your skin by eating a balanced diet.
5. Talk positively about your skin. 🤳 Share your experiences with others and spread the message of skin positivity.
6. Connect with your skin. 🤝Take some time to really get to know your skin, and appreciate it's unique beauty.

Skin positivity is not just about accepting your skin, but also about actively enjoying and celebrating it. 🥳 With these steps, you can start to shift the way you think and feel about your skin, and learn to love
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