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Filler bite Open for Pre-Orders for Flagship Product peeep bite

Filler bite announces pre-orders for peeep bite to address fundamental and widespread health problems – lack of sleep, energy, and focus.

Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway, October 1, 2022 – Filler bite is excited to announce that pre-orders for their flagship product, peeep bite, are now open. 

Filler bite was founded in 2022 to help people become the best versions of themselves. Peeep bite, the company’s flagship product, is a daily supplement stack that supports memory, mood and cognitive resilience. Peeep bite has been endorsed by a medical doctor for its unique blend of nootropics and for representing a step forward in maximizing the efficiency of health delivery. 

"The peeep bite is a healthy and tasty snack that represents a huge step forward in maximizing the efficiency of health delivery. Containing multiple highly studied vitamins and nutrients, the peeep bite could be beneficial to anyone seeking improvement in cognitive function, memory, or energy levels. All this in the form of a delicious chocolate which makes it much easier to be consistent with your health!"

Dr. Javeed, United States

Filler bite is committed to sustainability and only uses sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients in their product and packaging by working with established and reputable partners in their fields. Filler bite is ensuring that procurement and production is on par with these high standards. Filler bite’s commitment to sustainability has been recognized by Web Summit as it named the company an Impact Startup at Web Summit 2022, the world's largest tech conference.

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Each pre-order will be charged $39.95 today, and will be shipped as soon as they are ready (early 2023). Once in normal production, each subscription will renew every 30 days for $39.95. A heads up will be given before renewal they can be cancelled anytime.


Impact startups are businesses around the world working to have a positive impact on their communities, industries and ecosystems. Web Summit wants to celebrate the emerging companies within our network that are striving to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "We're honored to be recognized as an Impact Startup by Web Summit," said Filler bite co-founder and CEO, Alexander Benz. "This is a great opportunity to showcase our work to a global audience and to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about making positive change." Filler bite will be exhibiting at Web Summit on November 3, 2022.


Filler Bite, founded in 2022, has developed a unique system of supplements that target certain areas of your life through delicious Swiss chocolate made with upcycled cocoa and packaged in a sustainable way. The company's launch product is called "peeep bite" and is a daily supplement stack that supports memory, mood, and cognitive resilience. 


If you are an investor interested in meeting with Filler Bite at Web Summit or in general, please contact us at investor(at)fillerbite.com, or through our contact page.

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Rise and thrive with a chocolate bite to support mental and physical health, inspired by a personal story of survival.
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